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Batam Transportation: Most Available Vehicles to Move Around While You Are Traveling

While you plan to travel to Batam, it’s good to know about the local environment and lifestyle as much as possible. Whatever the reason to visit Batam and Barelang area, you need transportation for your movability around the city and out of the city.

Available Transport in Batam Including Barelang 

And, it's better to know about transportation of Batam.

Here I am presenting from my experience as I am living here. All the information is at the time of writing. So, to make sure, please check again other current sources so, you are not going to blame me.

This is for an overall idea. For the accuracy, I don’t guarantee as well.

In this article, I am giving you a clear picture about Batam transportation, for a traveler or even those you are planning to stay or live in Batam. This is a far city from the central administration of Indonesia.

And, in few cases, comparing with Jakarta, Medan or Bali is just not worthy.

What I saw in other cities, the arrangement in Batam, not that high standard comparing other big cities of Indonesia and neighbor country Singapore, and Johor Baru of Malaysia.

To me, however, is supposed to be more flexible and modern to attract local and foreign tourist to this beautiful island city.

My personal view only as I love this city and living here for more than a decade.

Anyway, our topics to introduce local transportation, and, here we go.

Traveling to Batam

From other cities and countries, there is access by air and sea. No land transport as this is an island. But as the technology is moving forward, maybe in future there will be long bridges to connect with far islands.

For example, Barelang bridges connecting six islands.

Air Transportation

There are many domestic direct flights are available to and from Batam. Jakarta, Pekan Baru, Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, Palembang, Pontianak,

Hang Nadim Batam, is an International Airport and the only one in Batam. If you are traveling from other cities then this is the port you are going to use unless you are planning sea travel.

You can see,

Trans Batam bus service from AirPort to Jodoh and return from Jodoh to Airport Hang Nadim Batam.

Sea Route

International Ferry services are, to and from Singapore and Johor Baru, Malaysia. While there are many ferries are serving transportation with many islands. Such as Tanjung Balai Karimun, Tanjung Pinang, Selat Panjang, Dumai.

Also, big ships are connecting with Jakarta and Medan by the port at Sekupang.

While you are In Batam

There are public services providing by the local authority and private transport around Batam until Barelang area.

The local Government transport service is Bus Way or Trans Batam while private sectors are known as “Angkot” which is Angkutan Kota or City Transport, as you can see in other cities in Indonesia everywhere.

Maybe the name, color and vehicle type, size is different.

Here I am introducing these all one by one. If you are not familiar at all, then you will have enough idea, I hope.

Trans Batam Bus Route

Bus Terminals: Batam Centre, Sekupang,  Tanjung Uncang, Jodoh

This Trans Batam transportation service is provided and operated by the local Government of Batam. These are colorful and air-conditioned and cheaper comparing to private service.

And, of course far cheaper than a taxi.

If you are touring to know the city in budget cost and having enough time.

Then, getting in this bus service is a good idea.

There are many bus stoppages or halts to wait for the busses to different routes. And, there is someone attendant waiting at most of the halts, you can check with them about any information regarding Trans Batam bus route.

They are enough helping minded.

If you are speaking in a different language rather than Bahasa Indonesia, then you have to find a solution by asking somebody who speaks English. In case, the attendant can’t serve you because of the language barrier.

However, Google Maps may come into handy as well. As I am active a local guide contributor, I always get help from this online service.

By the way, you can buy a ticket at the stoppage and in some cases after getting in the Bus.

Sekupang – Batam Center

via Sei Harapan – Tiban – UIB – Simpang Jam – Simpang Sei Panas – Kantor Walikota – Mega Mall
Tanjung Uncang – Tembesi – Batam Centre
via Simpang Sagulung – Fanindo – Simpang Base Camp – Batu Aji – Simpang Barelang – Muka Kuning – Kepri Mall – Kantor Walikota – Mega Mall

Sekupang – Jodoh - Sekupang

via Sei Harapan – Tiban – UIB – Simpang Baloi – Penuin – Nagoya – Simpang McDonald’s – Terminal Jodoh – DC Mall – Pasar Induk

Sekupang - Tanjung Uncang – Sekupang

via Simpang Sagulung – Fanindo – Simpang Base Camp – Marina – Tanjung Riau – Sei Harapan
Jodoh - Batam Center - Tanjung Piayu
via Piayu Laut – Simpang Bagan – Muka Kuning – Panbil – Kepri Mall – Kantor Walikota – Mega Mall – Simpang Sei Panas – Simpang Kuda – Simpang Rujak – Batu Ampar – Terminal Jodoh – DC Mall – Pasar Induk

Batam Center - Nongsa – Batam Center 

Here is the journey if you start from Batam Center terminal, which just beside Mega Mall and opposite Harris Hotel, Batam Center, and Batam Center Point International Ferry Terminal.
Mega Mall  Batam Center - Simpang KDA – Simpang Kantor Camat Batam Kota  – Simpang Dotamana – SMU 3 – Simpang Bandara - Simpang Batu Besar - Kapling Sambau via Teluk Mata Ikan

However, the return, or if someone starts from Nongsa Area, here is the route.

via Teluk Mata Ikan – Kavling Sambau – Simpang Batu Besar – Simpang Bandara – SMU 3 – Simpang Dotamana – Simpang Kantor Camat Batam Kota – Simpang KDA – Mega Mall

If you plan for a cheap tour to Nongsa area, then this is a good choice by this Air-conditioned service.

Jodoh - Punggur – Jodoh

via Bundaran Punggur – Simpang Kepri Mall – Simpang Jam – Simpang Indomobil – Simpang Baloi – DC Mall – Pasar Induk – Terminal Jodoh

Jodoh – Air Port - Jodoh

Batu Aji – Air Port - Batu Aji

Batam Centre – Barelang – Batam Centre

Batu Aji – Barelang – Batu Aji

Private Transport Service 

Micro Bus

Bus Kota/ Angkot (angkutan Kota) - City Transportations

Route of Colorful Angkot Batam Transport

This one is Popular as Carry and another one as Angkot, respectively vehicle type Microbus, and Minibus.

Batam Mini-Bus Carry Angkot Routes

Named after the car model, Suzuki Carry, the Carry Angkots serve two main routes:

Yellow Carry/ Yellow Color Micro Bus

Driving Route is to and from Muka Kuning, Batamindo Industrial Park area to Bengkong by Kepri Mall via Batam Center area. It will cross by Panbil Mall just after starting from Batamindo, and will go thru Kepri mall.

After crossing the four junctions, that is known as  "Simpang Dam", by Plamo Garden housing complex, Duta Mas, Cammo Industrial Park at right.

While a Petrol station just opposite Plamo garden, and next to Green Land food court.

However, it’s still a long run and nice to enjoy the view if you sit by the window. Yes, you have to absorb road dust, as well if you keep the window open.

Green Carry

Bengkong – Batam Centre

Brown Color Carry

Route: from Sagulung to Batamindo Industrial Park (Muka Kuning) Via Batuaji

Pink Color Carry

Tanjung uncang - Muka Kuning - Tanjung Uncang (via Batu aji)

Bimbar (Bintang Kembar)

The long version is Bintang Kembar and in short, form that we call it as “Bimber”. However, Bintang is Start while Kembar is a twin. So, we can name it in English as Twin Start. However, here are the routes of this private service. By the way, you can see them on roads in two colors.

Blue and Maroon.

However, these two beautiful colored bus service operates in two routes.

While the Blue color on the route from Dapur 12 Sagulung to Nagoya, Jodoh via Batam Center. And, the other one Maroon is on the route from Dapur 12 Sagulung to Nagoya, Jodoh via Sukajadi
Also, there is another is on the route, Jodoh – Nongsa. Also, one more service is Jodoh – Punggur.

Here is the chart by color.

Blue Color Bimber 

Dapur 12 Sagulung to Nagoya, Jodoh via Batam Center

Maroon Color Bimber

Dapur 12 Sagulung to Nagoya, Jodoh via Sukajadi

Pink Color and White Blue Color - Jono

Route: from Nongsa to Jodoh, via Mega Mall Batam Centre

Orange Color

Route: from Punggur to Jodoh, via Simpang Frenky Marcelia Batam Centre

Some of these Mini Bus Type is Space Wagon L-300, as I found.

Motor Bike Common Batam Transportation

The bike is available anywhere in Indonesia and using for personal and passenger transport.  There are a few international brands are in quite good demand. This is one of the most popular vehicles.

While using to taxing passenger, it becomes ‘Ojek’, that is what the name is widely we know.


Precisely, this is one of the most traditional transport systems in this country. Which is personally owned motorcycle. Rental, in some cases. Moreover, you can find and ride on in every part of Indonesia. No wonder, available in Batam too.

If you are alone and love riding on a bike, then you can try (at your own risk).


This is an application/ mobile app-based service by taxing motorbike. The difference between Gojek and Ojek, significantly the app and the banner name. while bikes are individually privately owned same as Ojek.

And, other differences are, you can stop any Ojek while standing by the road, or you can hire by going to a place where they are sitting. Also, you can bargain the fair.

While about Gojek, you can call then online by using the dedicated app, from your home or from where you are. And, you will see the price, you can pay online or cash, and no bargaining.

And, looks it quite cheaper too, as well.


This is too an application/ app based Taxi service. You can call from anywhere as long as the app is installed on your mobile device.

These are personally owned cars of different models. While branded taxis are same in color and mostly the same models. Grab is not. So, you can get them in various shapes.


From any port, on the street or at a hotel, you can order and get a taxi to go anywhere. In some cases, you can bargain. While you get in from any ports, there are fixed fairs with no option of bargaining.

And, I think this is everywhere is the same.

Travel and Tour Bus Service 

Batam is popular for tourists and no wonder if you see many travel and tour service those provide transport too.

You can find them by online search or from hotel reception by inquiry. For a city day tour, these are supposed to be in your choice, if you are planning to bring a big group to travel with.

Rental Car

While you are traveling, you can rent a car with driver to move you around the city or out of the city. As far as, Barelang bridge area.

For a family or company tour, these are appropriate in a new city.

However, there are many car rental services are available. In case, you are living here and not intending to buy a car but need for your daily transportation. You may look for this service.

Boat/ Pancung

These engines or motorboat usually you can get while going to nearby small islands. For example, to Belakang Padang or Sambu from Sekupang. Or to Pulau Putri anywhere from Nongsa beach area.

Also, at Barelang bridges area to islands nearby. Some people those love fishing, also rent these kinds of boats.

In case, you travel, make sure your safety and local weather while you enjoying the sea travel.
Usually, when I visit Belakang Padang, I have to get in this Pancung. It’s about 20 mins journey from Sekupang port.

Online Transport Application Service

Now Batam transportation is equipped with online services as well. Even, by waving hand still we can call a taxi or motorbike while standing by the road, as usual.

In addition, the App service is quite popular, as we can call, pay online from smartphone or android or another mobile device.

So, you just need to install the App in your device. You can pay cash after you reach at your destination or earlier by from your App.

You can top up by ATM or online banking or asking help from the online service taxi driver or biker. Such as Gojek or Grab.

Beca - Especially in Belakang Padang 

Beca, this is specifically special and you can see only in Belakang Padang Island. Also, I saw in Singapore at Boat Quay, China Town also nearby Serangoon area, for tourists.

This is a tricycle Rickshaw type darling vehicle.

However, Belakang Padang Island, which is near to Sekupang, Batam is a car-free small island. Beca, bicycle, and motorbike are the land transport besides fishing boats and engine boats.

A nice place to visit while you are traveling to Batam or even if you live in Batam.

Even though, not widely as of Batam Transportation, but, still in a small island, we can enjoy the ride on a Beca.

And, it's unique as well.

Personal Vehicle for daily use and for fun

Many kinds of international car brands are available in Batam. If you are living in Batam or planning to reside in this Island. Then, it’s better to have own vehicle to save time and energy.

As Batam is growing, a traffic jam on the streets are seen enough but, sure, comparing to Jakarta, still, it’s not much.

What kind of vehicle you need for your daily transport or for sports and fun, you can choose as your choice.


Not many but people use bicycles. Usually, in a small area like, in a housing complex. Still, roads are not facilitated for the bicycle-friendly separated track as I saw in Singapore.

In fact, cycling is good for health, doesn’t create air or sound pollution. But, for safety reason, need to keep separate from the busy road.

Mountain Bike 

Batam is a hill area island and if you have a hobby for cycling then Mountain biking is a nice choice. Recently, I see groups of people in the morning or afternoon on the street.

You can look for such groups unless you love to ride alone.

Racing Motor Bike

For the racing hobbyist there are bikes and also I see people ride on these high bikes. Mainly for off-road.

However, in Indonesia, this is a favorite sport, as well as in Batam too. Even though, not much compared to big cities of Batam.

If you are one of them, you can try to find the bikers community. Whatever, try to look for the authorized and the legal one.

Vehicle Dealers 

So, you are living in Batam. And you need a car for your own. The good news is, there are many vehicle dealers are in this city. Car and bike in a majority.

In the city area or outskirt of the city, you can locate these. Big showrooms with verities of collections to choose from.

I bought my motorbike, Honda Tiger from Batu Aji Honda dealer. And, the car Toyota, Chaser I bought from a friend of mine.

Driving License 

You need a driving license if you plan to live in drive-in Batam. For the car, bike or heavy vehicles, you need separate for each. To process, you have many choices. You can visit and apply the Police Headquarter, one-stop service at Batam Center.

 Also, in some malls, there are facilities from the Police department to process the driving license.

Even, mobile vehicles those stop by at different places in Batam.

I have two licenses, one is for the car and the other is for Motorbike. Which are called SIM A and SIM C.

By the way, SIM is for Surat Izin Mengamudi which explains, Driving License. Permit to drive.

I hope, you have some ideas on available transportation and vehicles in Batam and the surrounding area. Some of this information may help if you are new to Batam.

Have a nice time in Batam and in Barelang area.

Batam Rempang Galang

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